The Rope

A poem I wrote which was also featured on my friend Roy’s Blog Here:

Embracing Identity: The Rope

It also appeared in the literary supplement to the Ode’min Giizis Festival!

Literary Submissions 2011 Archive | Ode’min Giizis

But for those of you who don’t wanna go nowhere, here is the Full Text version!:

The Rope

Oskana Ska, Pile of Bones

The Queen’s City, Regina


We go on a walking tour called:


We see the Court House where He was Sentenced

a Plaque in the park

a Statue, of Sir. John

and the Place where they brought The Body after they Executed him

it used to be a Church, But Now

it’s a Drop-in Centre for Troubled Youth

We go on a tour of the RCMP Heritage Museum

We See, hanging on the wall

The rope

The Rope

they used to hang him with

We take tasteless photo’s

my brother, posing

in front of the noose

eyes bulging

tongue lolling out

“. . .  And just over there

is where they executed him,

over there by those barracks . . .”


that on the site, where such an important Historical Figure Was Executed, there isn’t

some kind of Museum dedicated to the preservation and history of Metis culture.


there’s an RCMP Heritage Museum symbolizing  the Authority and Power of The

State, A warning to all those who would challenge it.

maybe not so strange

“It’s a really nice space

We say polite things

about the building

to our tour-guide.


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I am a writer and an artist. I write stories, poetry, and articles. I draw, paint, make films and videos, and have done some installations. I work as a glass artist.
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