Taste The Beer Rainbow

An review of the new Rickard’s Blonde I wrote for the World Beer Collection Website!

Taste The Beer Rainbow | World Beer Collection

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                 Taste The Beer Rainbow ____________<— Insert Blonde Joke Here:  

                                          A review of the new Rickard’s Blonde


            The first sip of Rickard’s Blonde is like the first sip of a highly carbonizes ginger ale, you can almost squeeze the bubbles between your tongue and the roof of your mouth and feel them explode.  But without the sweetness of ginger ale.  It is fresh and light tasting, and deceptively simple, but with a depth that adds levels of subtlety to explore with every swallow.

            I first tried Rickard’s Blonde at the Gourmet Food & Wine Show in Toronto a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it, but I also and wanted to try it again when I hadn’t already used up 25$ in drink tickets! 

            And . . . the sober verdict is in.  I still like it!

            Rickard’s Blonde isn’t heavy, or overly sweet, or too malty; it isn’t on the extreme end of anyone’s beer spectrum, which means you can drink more than one or two without getting sick of it.  It is similar to Creemore Springs in flavour, but without that copper-penny sharpness.  It is a medium beer, somewhere between Rickard’s White and Rickard’s Dark, but not so bland or watery that it is indecipherable from a hundred other mainstream beer brands. 

            Currently, and unfortunately, the Blonde is only available in taster packs alongside the Dark, White and Red, so like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you’ll have to taste the beer rainbow.  It is 5% alcohol and advertised as a “German style pilsner” with a “unique blend of four hops”. 

            Apparently Rickard’s is owned by Molson-Coors, which I found disappointing because I had thought Rickard’s was a small, independent brewery.  Score one for good marketing!  According to Wikipedia, Molson-Coors is the 5th largest brewing company, and the 2nd oldest company in Canada!!! 

            Some of the advertised “four hops” are also grown in North America.  My initial reaction had been that they were part way jumping on the eat-local movement, but upon learning that Rickard’s is owned by Molson-Coors, I am less convinced.

            The fact that the Blonde is a “German style beer,” also makes me think I should just drink more German beer.  If this is an imitation, why not have the original?

            In conclusion, Rickard’s Blonde is tasty, easy to drink, and has a smokiness that reminds me of Scotch, but then again, what do I know?  This is my first beer review, so don’t assume I’m an expert on the subject.  I just drink the stuff!             

            Suggestion:  Drink it in a glass, and serve it cold.

            Happy Drinking!



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